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The Sunday morning self practice class with Ben is cancelled for the next 2 weeks due to workshops.

Class returns on Sunday 28th.


There will be no classes running on Monday 25th August. All other classes will be running as usual. See timetable for the class schedule.


Acro Yoga workshop with Jacqui Wan-
10.30am – 6pm
Cost: £45 per person, before 31/8/14 there after £55 per person

A day long exploration into the arts of yoga, acrobatics & healing arts with Jaqui Wan. An opportunity to discover your human potential & tap into your fearless inner child. Come and enjoy a journey of play, trust & honest


Tuesdays 6pm Beginners Drop in class

A new beginners class every Tuesday at 6pm this class will be a combination of self practice and part led class. My aim is to help people feel more confident in making the transition to self practice classes.

The self practice element will be the sun salutations and standing sequence and an edited finishing sequence and i will lead the class through the seated postures. If you don’t already know the Sun salutations and standing you will be taught them individually within the group setting.

Attending this class should give you the confidence to come along to the full self practice classes we run at Stonemonkey.



Apologies but there will be no friday 9.45pm class for the next 2 weeks. The class will resume on Friday 1st August.