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Ben Beswick

I started practising yoga about 8 1/2 years ago. I suffered for a number of years with two perforated discs in my lower back and I didn’t want an operation and my mother pestered me to do yoga. She said “There is a good Ashtanga teacher in town, named Mark Freeth, go check it out.” I finally did it, it nearly killed me, but I never looked back. Mark inspired me to practise and to keep practising, and gave me an amazing foundation. After a number of years going to his class in Stratford I decided to take his teacher training course in ashtanga primary series (64 hours) to further my knowledge and to develop my daily practice.

I had no intention of teaching until I was asked to cover another teacher’s class, Esther, about a year ago in Stratford. I loved it, but thought I needed to know more about yoga as a whole (as I only had a primary series knowledge) and so I took another TT course in Sun Power Yoga (200 hrs Yoga Aliance Reps,YMCA) With Ann Marie Newland. She taught me, and is still teaching me the krama side of yoga sequencing, which is based on the Ashtanga and Sivananda methods.