We offer a range of different types of yoga to suit all tastes and levels of experience.

All classes are on a ‘drop in’ first come first served basis so there is no need to book.

The 10 week beginners course is pre-bookable

All classes last 90 minutes and cost £10.

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We offer a range of Ashtanga classes, including…

Ashtanga Yoga Beginners 6 week Course: A 6 week course designed to cover all aspects of the traditional ‘Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga’ as taught by Sri K Pattabi Jois. The course will build slowly, introducing the student to the Sun Salutations with a focus on self practice then moving on to the standing sequence of the Ashtanga vinyasa system. The main focus will be on the physical practice which will build over the six weeks. For more information on Ashtanga Yoga, click here.

Ashtanga Yoga beginners self practice 6 week course: A 6 week course which will introduce the Ashtanga primary series. The self practice method enables you to practice at your own pace and will give you an understanding of the ‘Mysore’ self practice method which will give you confidence to come along to the self practice classes (see below).

Ashtanga Beginners class: This class is a drop-in open to all and for those that have completed Parts 1 & 2 of the beginners courses. The Class takes students through an edited version of the primary series with a look at technique in your practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Level 1: For those wanting to move on from beginners class or with some experience of Ashtanga yoga, the class will be an edited ‘primary series’ talk through allowing you to develop your understanding of the practice.

Ashtanga research class: Suitable for those with some experience of Ashtanga yoga. The class incorporates the ‘primary series’ as a template. Each week there will be a focus on a certain aspect of the practice using other postures and techniques to help you open up problem areas and deepen your understanding on all aspects of the practice.

Mysore style self-practice: Mysore is the Indian home of the Guru of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, Shri K Pattabhi Jois. Mysore Style refers to the traditional way of this method being passed on from teacher to student on a one-to-one basis by self practice, i.e. teacher guiding each student through the series as they progress. You get one-to-one attention and adjustments from your teacher, depending on your our strengths and weaknesses.

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