Ashtanga beginners course-Part 2- 9th Nov

Ashtanga Yoga beginners course  – Part 2
6 week course
Thursday 9th November
6.00 – 7.15pm

with Digby Platt (SYT-Senior Yoga teacher)

This course will follow on from part 1.  Continuing the teaching of the self practice method of Ashtanga Yoga.
The first course focus is on the self practice of the Sun salutations (Surya Namaskara),  this course will be teaching you the standing sequence, the beginning postures of the seated sequence & elements of the finishing sequence, all of which you will commit to memory so that you are prepared for our self practice classes.

Self practice is the most beneficial way to practise yoga as it allows you to develop strength, flexibility & stamina at  your own pace. So that everyone can work too their own individual needs and develop a Yoga practice you can use at home or in our self practices classes.
Students on this course will also be able to attend our self practice classes for the reduced price of £5.

Please note-The course is progressional so please make sure you can make all the dates as there will be no refund or exchange available on any classes missed during the course.

Price £70